Getting to know Peter Lockhart

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Who is Peter Lockhart?

peter and darrell

Peter is one of the co-founders here at Foxio. I have been working with Peter for close to four years now. He is, hands down, one of the best designers I have ever worked with (sorry other guys).

I thought it might be fun to share Peter’s thoughts with the world.

~ Joe

 What is the most important thing you’ve learned since starting Foxio?

The hardest and most important lesson I’ve learned in the 2+ years of running Foxio is how to balance the crazy ebb and flow of multiple start ups congruently.

Running a startup is hard in general. That I’ve experienced first hand previously and expected the same thing for Foxio. Running a startup (Foxio) that works with all startups is, well, exponentially harder to put it nicely.

As a startup, you experience all the highs and all the lows; the long days and the late nights; things going wrong awry at the worst possible times; difficult decisions, money is almost always tight; etc. Handling clients who are all going through the same struggles is a difficult balancing act. Over the past few years we’ve gotten better and better at building clear two-way expectations between Foxio and our clients. Honest and blunt communication has been key in accomplishing this. The more we make decisions with the client about the product direction, the more we are able to be supportive through the difficult times of a startup. It allows us to run Foxio more smoothly which has the return benefit of being able to better support the companies that we work with.

 What do you hate the most about software?

I would say it’s more of a love / hate thing. I hate having to hold off on certain features, UI interactions, subtle sexy UI elements, branding, etc. that I’m really excited about but aren’t crucial for the product at the stage that it’s at. At the same time, I love that we make those difficult decisions because it’s the right thing for the product, not just what we want to do.

 If you had a 4th dog what would you name it?

hank-aka-trenaballinFor whatever reason I’ve given all my female dogs male names so keeping with that trend I’m going to say “Hank”, Indianapolis’ future cutest blue staffie. I’m pretty sure she’d be about this excited about her name too.

 What is your favorite music to work to?

My buddy Aaron Scamihorn has a Spotify playlist called “Cigarette-Sore Throats” that is my go to. I also have a playlist that I created with a more straight-forward title, “Running“, that I made when I was training for the mini-marathon this year. It’s a collection of music mostly from the late 1990’s / early 2000’s that ruled my middle school and high school days.

 Can you sum up Foxio in a tweet?

“We partner with entrepreneurs to build custom web products and services. We also love eating Mexican food any chance we get #tacosparalavida”

140 characters. An ode to the things we love.

 If there’s a movie about your life who is playing the leading role?

aaron-lohrAaron Lohr… you may remember him from one of the finest films of 1994: D2 The Might Ducks. Ok, so maybe it’s just the one picture of him where he looks like my twin. Regardless, I’m depending on you Aaron to make me look good.




What are some things that help influence your designs?

Panton ChairI’m enormously passionate about modern furniture design and architecture. You can find Dwell and Interior Design stacking up on the coffee table at my house.

You may not initially think about a direct correlation to application UI or logo design from those two things, but that’s where I get a lot of my influence. There’s so much beauty and function crafted into clean and simple modern furniture/homes. I try to bring those same properties into my product design work.

Tools that you currently use to get things done?

I do all my initial ideation and sketching with a my trusty Dot Grid Notebook and Uni Kuru Toga .05 pencil combo. When it comes to the digital side of things it’s the standard design toolbelt: Adobe CC, Omnigraffle, Sublime Text 2, etc. on a Macbook Pro.

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