Is your site mobile-ized for the new mobile-friendly Google search algorithm?

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Google made some changes

A couple months ago, Google warned us they were going to make some changes to the google search algorithm. In reaction to the changing landscape of the web and how it’s consumed, Google is now favoring mobile-friendly sites in their mobile search results (this doesn’t affect desktop search results). We’ve all been there where you’ve tried to search on your smartphone, and the results are nearly impossible to use because the site is still expecting you to view it on a desktop-sized screen. Zoom-in, read, zoom-out, pan, zoom-in, read, repeat. Obnoxious. Today, the new algorithm that prioritizes mobile-friendly sites when searching from your phone went live.

Is your site ready?

Mobile-friendly site analyzer

Are you ready for these changes? Is your site going to be penalized in page rank for not supporting the mobile-friendly standards? If you’re not sure, and even if you think you are, you should probably hop over to the site analyzing tool that Google has provided to know for sure.  It only takes a couple seconds and it will be well worth it to ensure that you continue getting the best possible position in your rankings when people are looking at your site while on the go.

No? Maybe? Let us help you!

Did your results come back ok? Great! If not, never fear. Foxio can get your site fixed up and dishing out mobile-friendly content with style and ease.  We love the web, our clients (who soon become our friends), and would love to help make you a client/friend.  Contact us today if you would like us to verify that all your sites are ready for the changes or if you need help making the necessary changes.


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