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Peter is one of the co-founders and the design lead at Foxio. He can be found designing and making anything like apps, beer, furniture, or screen prints. He's the dog equivalent to a "cat lady".

Classifieds: Boy Band Seeks Heartthrob

21 11/21/14 Comments Leave your thoughts

Earlier this week we had the realization that we’re really just a boy band building web products. Peter is “the shy one”. Bob is “the older brother type”. Joe is “the bad boy”. Christina is “the young one”. We’re looking for “the heartthrob” to join the team. Think that’s you? We’re taking heartthrob applications at Happy Friday everyone! U + Me = Us  

Megacon Games

Megacon Games Launched!

13 03/13/14 Comments Leave your thoughts

We’re excited to announce the we have launched a new website for Megacon Games on the same day that they launched their latest Kickstarter for their new game Mercs: Recon.

Christina Crosley

Welcome Christina to the Team

01 01/01/14 Comments Leave your thoughts

We’re excited to announce that we have a new team. Meet Christina Crosley. She’s coming on board to help whip the rest of us into shape. Bonus: She also brings another dog to the team. So, meet Monster Crosley. He makes for a good meme as well.

Phil Collins Beard


01 08/01/12 Comments Leave your thoughts

The most difficult thing about writing this post was trying to decide which Genesis song to reference. My gut reaction was “I can’t dance. And I can’t talk..”, but come on, Phil Collins just knocks them all out of the park. At the end of the day, I’m not fooling anyone. I’ve been inspired by Facebook timeline constantly annoying me to add past events to help those who stumble upon my page more easily stalk everything that I’ve ever done. Now that we’re on the same page about the authenticity of the timing of this post, I’ll use it has...