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16 07/16/15

I’ve had the password conversation with so many people: “What is a good password, how many different passwords should I have, how should I store my passwords?” password isn’t a good password, neither is password123. Usually when I answer these questions people tend to respond with “yeah, yeah I get it.” No one wants to jump through the hoops it takes to be secure, it can be costly, time consuming and frustrating. No one wants to do it, until they get hacked. As end users we have to put some amount of trust into the system we are using. We trust...

Is your site mobile-ized for the new mobile-friendly Google search algorithm?

21 04/21/15

Google made some changes A couple months ago, Google warned us they were going to make some changes to the google search algorithm. In reaction to the changing landscape of the web and how it’s consumed, Google is now favoring mobile-friendly sites in their mobile search results (this doesn’t affect desktop search results). We’ve all been there where you’ve tried to search on your smartphone, and the results are nearly impossible to use because the site is still expecting you to view it on a desktop-sized screen. Zoom-in, read, zoom-out, pan, zoom-in, read, repeat. Obnoxious. Today, the new algorithm that...

Our First Hackathon

10 04/10/14

We have officially participated in our first hackathon! Feed the Hack was put on by Appirio at the Speak Easy in Indianapolis. We have always wanted to do one of these. It just sounded like a fun way to flex the creative muscles and try something new. Ultimately we had a blast and learned a lot. As a team we performed great! We communicated well, worked together well (even during crunch time) and even presented well. As a team we couldn’t get much stronger. Our focus was on using our core strengths to help us in the competition: Rails, Javascript and...