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Is your site mobile-ized for the new mobile-friendly Google search algorithm?

21 04/21/15

Google made some changes A couple months ago, Google warned us they were going to make some changes to the google search algorithm. In reaction to the changing landscape of the web and how it’s consumed, Google is now favoring mobile-friendly sites in their mobile search results (this doesn’t affect desktop search results). We’ve all been there where you’ve tried to search on your smartphone, and the results are nearly impossible to use because the site is still expecting you to view it on a desktop-sized screen. Zoom-in, read, zoom-out, pan, zoom-in, read, repeat. Obnoxious. Today, the new algorithm that...

Megacon Games Launched!

13 03/13/14

We’re excited to announce the we have launched a new website for Megacon Games on the same day that they launched their latest Kickstarter for their new game Mercs: Recon.