We believe being your partners, not just ‘hired guns’, is the best way to create beautiful products together.

Over and over again, we find ourselves partnering with people attempting to do the impossible, or rather improbable; breaking ground on fresh ideas and transforming industries in ways never thought possible. It’s a mission we love.

From first-time starts-ups to innovating established companies, Foxio puts a strong emphasis on communication, dedication, and passion to form strong partnerships. We don‘t like to just clock in and out on a project, but let our minds become consumed with them. Our investment in our clients’ projects goes far beyond pushing pixels or writing thousands of lines of code for them. We bring new ideas into play and challenge old ones whenever possible so that every last bit of functionality and creativity comes together to make a great experience for those using the product.

We want clients who will push us as much as we push them.

Meet the nerds that make up the team at Foxio.

We are a small and nimble team combining our love for design and technology to turn ideas into products and services that are a joy to use. We have to come clean though; none of us actually wear taped-up glasses, take our word for it... we're each nerds in our own ways.

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty. What the heck does Foxio do?

Besides chasing mice and digging holes? Well, we spend a lot of hours in front of white boards and computer screens. Here’s a breakdown of our skills and expertise.

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